M.M. Roberts Stadium, or better known as "The Rock", is an American football stadium located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It is the home of The University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles football team.

This site is not owned by The University of Southern Mississippi or related to M.M. Roberts Stadium. This site is independent and links to genuine resale tickets for all upcoming events at the M.M. Roberts Stadium at The University of Southern Mississippi. Please view the Disclaimer page.

When someone says "Southern Miss!", the best response would always be "to the top!" along with an upward index finger gesture, done by both the initiator and responder. This cheer is specifically used during Southern Miss football games when the Golden Eagles make a first down.

This cheer is almost like saying hello to a fellow fan of Southern Miss Golden Eagles. A simple gesture can make one feel like they are a part of a bigger family here in The Rock.

Come join this massive family gathering and support your favorite team at the M.M. Roberts Stadium by simply clicking on the below link to purchase the ticket(s) to the next game!

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